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CORONAVIRUS - 22.10.2020

Job Support Scheme becomes more generous

It’s just been announced that employers will be expected to pay 5% of the cost of unworked hours under the Job Support Scheme (JSS) instead of the 33% originally communicated.
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Government announces further payment help for clients

The government’s Winter Economy Plan focused heavily on tax cash flow, for both income tax and VAT. What’s new for clients and how can you help them get back on track with their payments?
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COMPANY SALE - 22.10.2020

Selling the company: taxing the consideration correctly

One of your clients has built up their trading company from scratch. They have received an offer for their shares which they are keen to accept, but the purchaser is proposing to issue loan notes as part of the consideration. What do you need to advise?
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Buying property in stages: a risk to tax relief?

Property purchase is an area in which HMRC is taking more interest and transactions that look out of the ordinary may attract unwelcome compliance attention. Why do clients buying multiple properties in stages run a particular risk?
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Don’t miss opportunities to claim now

Coronavirus is likely to have hit clients harder in 2020/21 than in the previous tax year. However, how can you ensure they maximise tax reliefs as soon as possible?
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CAPITAL GAINS - 22.10.2020

New property disposal guide

Property. Since April 2020 there has been a single system for reporting disposals made by: UK residents realising a gain on UK residential property (or an interest therein) where there is some capital gains tax (CGT) to pay; and non-UK residents making a disposal of any UK land (or an interest therein), irrespective of whether there is any CGT. Guide. The Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) has now published a guide to using the service (see Follow up ). This has been tailored to accountants and tax advisors completing the returns on behalf of clients. ...
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HOLIDAYS - 27.08.2020

We can’t accommodate the 14-day quarantine period

An employee wants to travel to a country that isn’t on the government’s travel corridor list. If they go, they’ll need to self-isolate for 14 days on their return. As they can’t work from home, can you refuse their annual leave request?
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CORONAVIRUS - 27.08.2020

Job Retention Bonus: £1,000 per eligible employee

To encourage the retention of previously furloughed employees, the government has announced a Job Retention Bonus of £1,000 per eligible employee. What conditions must be met to qualify?
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Tribunal procedure changes

Several important changes have been made to the tribunal procedure rules and Acas early conciliation (EC) process to ease the burden on the overloaded system. What do you need to know?
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