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CONTRACTS - 12.06.2024

New Code of Practice on Dismissal and Re-engagement

A new Code of Practice on Dismissal and Re-engagement will come into force on 18 July 2024, setting out your responsibilities when seeking to change employment terms. What key provisions in the Code should you be aware of?
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DISMISSAL - 12.06.2024

Must you offer redeployment before SOSR dismissal?

If you’re considering dismissing an employee for “some other substantial reason” (SOSR), you may need to first explore whether you can offer them available alternative employment. When should you do this and what is the process?
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DATA PROTECTION - 12.06.2024

Create your own privacy notice

Generator tool. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has produced a new privacy notice generator tool for small and medium-sized businesses to help ensure you’re compliant with the law. The tool enables you to create a bespoke privacy notice by answering a series of questions (see The next step ). ...
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Should you allow politics at work?

With the general election taking place on 4 July 2024, it’s bound to result in political discussions at work. Should you allow politics to enter the workplace?
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REDUNDANCY - 12.06.2024

How should you decide on the redundancy selection pool?

Before you reach the stage of provisionally selecting employees for redundancy, you must first identify what your pool is going to be, i.e. the group of employees from which you’ll do your selection. How should you choose the pool?
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Unfairly dismissed after informing employer of new job

An employee who was shouted at by her employer and called ungrateful after she told him she was leaving for a new job was held by a tribunal to have been unfairly dismissed. Why?
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No more CIS tax refunds

It pays not to talk. HMRC seems hell bent on ditching access to its services by phone. In the last couple of years contacting HMRC by phone for most tax issues has been increasingly limited. The latest victims of the HMRC cutbacks are companies who want to claim a refund of deductions made under the construction industry scheme (CIS). ...
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TRAVEL - 30.04.2024

The latest on home-to-work travel

HMRC has changed its guidance on home-to-work travel costs where an employee’s home is their workplace. How might this affect your right to tax relief?
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DISMISSAL - 17.04.2024

Fairly dismissed for irretrievable relationship breakdown

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that an employee was fairly dismissed due to a breakdown of trust and confidence in the working relationship, even though he received no written warning and wasn’t offered a right of appeal. Why was this?
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