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Which of your customers are eroding your profits?

There are two groups of customers in your business: those that contribute positively to profits and those that erode potential profits by failing to cover the costs associated with servicing them. How do you identify which is which?
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SPREADSHEETS - 03.04.2020

How to combine worksheets

Often data is split across several worksheets, such as one worksheet per month or per region. But having data in multiple worksheets makes it difficult to create a single pivot table to show trends. How can you combine worksheets to do this?
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PERSONNEL COSTS - 03.04.2020

Save on time off at the dentist

Research has shown that over 400,000 people miss a day’s work each year due to a toothache. A dental plan is one preventive measure but is there a cheaper alternative, and if so how much will it save you?
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PENSIONS - 03.04.2020

Borrow from your pension fund

Your company needs an injection of money. One option is a bank loan. But another is to tap into the director’s pension fund. How do you do that and what are the potential savings?
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PAYSLIPS - 03.04.2020

Payslips - are you toeing the line?

In spite of the requirements changing in 2019, it seems that thousands of workers still aren’t receiving a payslip. What is the law on this and can you ensure you keep the related costs to a minimum?
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CONTRACTS - 03.04.2020

Can you be bound by an unauthorised employee?

In a 2020 case a company’s buyer, who did not have the authority to enter into contracts on its behalf, inadvertently entered into one by email which ended up costing the company £900,000. How can you avoid a similar situation?
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HOLIDAYS - 07.01.2020

Holiday pay calculation changes

On 6 April 2020 an important change will be made to the holiday pay reference period which is used to calculate holiday pay entitlement for employees and workers. What do you need to know?
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SEASONAL ISSUES - 27.02.2020

Dealing with Covid-19 at work

A global emergency has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) over the coronavirus outbreak. Should you be taking emergency action too?
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Major changes to written statements

On 6 April 2020 important changes will be made to the right to receive a written statement of employment particulars. What’s new?
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