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CORONAVIRUS - 24.09.2020

Job Support Scheme - the detail

The Chancellor has announced a new scheme to help employers retain their employees which will kick in after the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ends. The Job Support Scheme (JSS) will apply from 1 November and will run for six months. Could it help your business?
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Maximising relief for a client with terminal losses

One of your client’s companies has ceased trading after being severely affected by the pandemic. How can they take advantage of changes made in 2017 to the rules for company losses?
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P11D - 24.09.2020

Coronavirus pressures hits HMRC system

Realocation. The deadline for filing the annual Form P11D is 6 July each year. However, due to HMRC staff being reallocated to prioritise helping businesses with coronavirus support for much of mid-2020, a huge backlog has built up in other areas and departments. ...
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CARS - 24.09.2020

New advisory rates from 1 September 2020

Back to work. With so many employees working from home during the lockdown, it is easy to overlook things like mileage allowance rates. However, with the country slowly getting back to offices and other places of work, it’s a good time to take stock of such things. The advisory rates for company-owned vehicles change on a quarterly basis. ...
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Funding a company: avoid an IHT trap

Your client owns a trading company that requires some extra capital. She is intending to take out a personal loan secured on her house to fund this. However, why might this lead to a problem with inheritance tax, and what can you advise?
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COMPANY VANS - 24.09.2020

When is a van a car?

The Court of Appeal has issued a ruling which means that some crewcab vans are to be treated as cars for benefit-in-kind purposes. What was the key finding and what should you warn clients of?
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CORONAVIRUS - 02.07.2020

Calculating flexible furlough pay

From 1 July 2020 eligible employees may be flexibly furloughed. Where this happens, you must pay them their usual rate of pay for all hours worked. How is this calculated?
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Unfairly dismissed for calling bosses “twit and twat”

An employee who was dismissed for referring to his bosses as “twit and twat” in a text to a client has won his tribunal claim for unfair dismissal. The employer involved made a fatal error. What was it and how could it have been avoided?
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HOLIDAYS - 27.08.2020

We can’t accommodate the 14-day quarantine period

An employee wants to travel to a country that isn’t on the government’s travel corridor list. If they go, they’ll need to self-isolate for 14 days on their return. As they can’t work from home, can you refuse their annual leave request?
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