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EXPENSES - 02.12.2020

Is gym membership tax deductible?

A colleague told you that a recent ruling by a Tribunal means that you might be entitled to claim a tax deduction for your gym membership. This contradicts HMRC’s long-standing guidance. Who is right?
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Uncovering unclaimed capital allowances

This year’s accounts are on target to show a profit despite the effect of coronavirus. However, cash flow is poor and you’re looking for ways to reduce your company’s tax bill. Might unclaimed capital allowances help?
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VAT - 02.12.2020

Sharing staff costs VAT efficiently

You have two businesses, one run by your company (VAT registered), the other as a sole trader (not VAT registered). Employees of the company also work for the other business. Can you share staff costs between the businesses without incurring VAT?
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Anti-avoidance - winding up and starting over

Our subscriber plans to wind up his existing business and use the proceeds to set up a new one, which would carry on a similar trade. Will the anti-avoidance rules prevent him from claiming business asset disposal relief?
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Make your spouse a business partner to save tax

Over the last few months you’ve supplemented income from your company by doing freelance work. It’s become a lucrative sideline. Naturally, there will be tax to pay but can you reduce it by splitting income with your spouse?
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BENEFITS - 02.12.2020

Tax exemption for a virtual Christmas party?

Like other employers you might be considering an alternative to a staff Christmas party. There’s a diverse range of ideas for online get-togethers but if there’s a cost in providing the event will it count as a taxable benefit for your employees?
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CORONAVIRUS - 03.11.2020

Can an employee sue you if they catch coronavirus at work?

Many employees are back at their normal place of work, either permanently or for the odd day. If such an employee catches coronavirus and claims this happened at work, can they sue you?
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Tribunal procedure changes

Several important changes have been made to the tribunal procedure rules and Acas early conciliation (EC) process to ease the burden on the overloaded system. What do you need to know?
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HOMEWORKING - 19.11.2020

Contributing to a homeworker’s winter heating costs

An employee working from home has asked for a financial contribution towards their winter heating bills because they will be higher this year. Are you obliged to contribute towards a homeworker’s household running costs?
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