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Temporary rule relaxations and deadline extensions

As the country finds itself in another national lockdown, companies are yet again having to adapt to new rules at the last minute. Over the last few months, various company law rules were relaxed and deadlines extended. What’s the position now, and for how long?
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DATA PROTECTION - 26.01.2021

Data protection and coronavirus

Central hub. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is reminding businesses about its free online data protection and coronavirus information hub (see The next step ). As well as explaining the ICO’s regulatory approach during the pandemic and recovery phase, the information hub contains guidance on data protection in relation to testing, surveillance and individual rights. Where appropriate, the hub also links to other ICO guidance which can help you remain compliant with data protection laws, e.g. its working from home guidance. ...
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DATA PROTECTION - 26.01.2021

Boss disqualified following data breach

Following the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal, the group’s use of personal data was subject to a complex investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and the director’s conduct was scrutinised by the Insolvency Service. How should you deal with a data breach?
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TAX - CORONAVIRUS - 26.01.2021

Coronavirus and employee benefits

HMRC has updated its guidance about the tax and NI treatment of benefits and expenses provided to employees during the pandemic. As an employer, what do you need to know?
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FINANCE - 26.01.2021

£5,000 home improvement voucher

Environmental concerns. Under the government’s Green Homes Grant scheme, homeowners and landlords of residential properties can apply for a voucher worth up to £5,000 which can be used towards the cost of installing energy-efficient home improvements (new build properties are excluded). These improvements include, for example, insulation to reduce energy use or the installation of low carbon heating. ...
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Tax and a gift of equipment for homeworking

A director received a Christmas gift of computer equipment to help him work from home during lockdown. He wants to know if the new homeworking exemption introduced in 2020 means his company can reimburse the cost tax and NI free?
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CORONAVIRUS - 03.11.2020

Can an employee sue you if they catch coronavirus at work?

Many employees are back at their normal place of work, either permanently or for the odd day. If such an employee catches coronavirus and claims this happened at work, can they sue you?
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MINIMUM WAGE - 22.12.2020

Minimum wage changes

On 1 April 2021 the national minimum wage rates will rise. In addition, more workers will be legally entitled to receive the national living wage (NLW). What’s the all-important information?
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HOMEWORKING - 19.11.2020

Contributing to a homeworker’s winter heating costs

An employee working from home has asked for a financial contribution towards their winter heating bills because they will be higher this year. Are you obliged to contribute towards a homeworker’s household running costs?
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