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PAYROLL FRAUD - 07.07.2020

Tacking financial crime

Not everyone has been in lockdown for the last few months. In fact, fraudsters and scammers have treated it as a business opportunity. How can you avoid falling prey to their ever more sophisticated tactics?
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PENSIONS - 07.07.2020

Pensions auto re-enrolment duties

Many small employers who auto-enrolled staff into a workplace pension for the first time in 2017 are now facing auto re-enrolment. What do you need to know to ensure a pain-free process?
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COMPLIANCE - 07.07.2020

What is a reasonable excuse?

HMRC has updated its guidance on what it will accept as a reasonable excuse for late filing or payment resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. What does the guidance say and how much latitude does it give you?
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Rule changes for builders delayed again

The new reverse charge rules for the construction industry will now take effect on 1 March 2021 to help builders affected by the coronavirus crisis. What does the delay mean for your business?
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OVERSEAS VAT - 07.07.2020

VAT on contracts involving three countries

One of our subscribers has a deal to provide management consultancy services to a retailer in Morocco. All work will be done in Morocco, but a separate business based in Spain will assist our subscriber. What are the VAT issues of this arrangement?
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VAT CASES - 07.07.2020

Truffle balls are standard-rated as confectionery

The case. Corte Diletto UK Ltd (CD) sold healthy truffle balls, which were originally marketed as “Nouri Truffles” and then became “Nouri Healthy Balls” . They are vegan based, gluten free and “healthy but indulgent” . They contain natural sugar but no added sugar and measured about 3cm across. CD claimed that the products should be zero-rated as a healthy fruit-based snack that could be a substitute for a dessert. The director also claimed that they met the definition of a zero-rated cake....
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Can furloughed employees be made redundant?

You might have furloughed members of staff or be planning on doing so. Where an employee has been furloughed can you make them redundant during or after their furlough period?
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The next steps to safety

New government guidance details the road to recovery that must be followed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. What’s to know?
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HOLIDAYS - 03.06.2020

Compelling workers to take holiday

Workers accrue holiday during furlough and some holiday rights can now be carried over for up to two years. Can you compel staff to take accrued holiday during furlough?
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