WASTE - 29.11.2012

Compare the waste Meerkat

In recent months a number of comparison websites that help you to find a good waste disposal deal have appeared. Are they worth a look?

Commonplace. If you’re looking for insurance, a credit card, loan - you name it - there’s a comparison website out there. Now there are ones which are focused on commercial waste disposal and recycling options (see The next step).

How do they work? These sites act as an online broker. By putting in your requirements, for example disposal of paper from an office, the site will search a number of businesses and help you to find a company that can offer a service. However, unlike the comparison sites that help with applications for loans or insurance, in most instances you’re unable to sign up to a deal online.

Check out the competition. With these sites, you’re only able to browse the services available in your area or make contact with the company. They will also allow you to enter your current or future waste disposal needs. Once you have inputted your requirements, the site will generate a list of the most relevant and cost-effective service suppliers. Contractors are invited to register on the site; they will then manage their own deals, tariffs, services, etc.

Get a good deal. As with the established comparison websites, the suppliers have to be extremely competitive on price and services that they offer. This is because the site user is able to get direct comparisons and will almost certainly choose the cheapest option.

Tip. It’s free to use these sites - they generate their fees from the suppliers - and as finding local waste contractors can be challenging, using them can make it much easier to secure the best deal available.

Note. The only downside is that by entering your contact information, you can expect sales calls from registered suppliers.

If you’re looking for a new waste contractor, these sites can be useful. You’ll be able to find local companies and compare prices and deals. The only downside is that by signing up you’re likely to prompt sales calls.

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