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2017 - August

CAPITAL GAINS TAX - 31.08.2017

Minimise CGT when you sell a property

When you sell a property for more than you paid for it you may be liable to tax on any gain you make. But some elements of the sale proceeds should be ignored when working out a gain. What are they?

PAYE - PENALTIES - 31.08.2017

Avoiding RTI penalties

HMRC has reviewed its approach to late RTI reports ahead of the first round of penalty notices. It says it will continue to take a risk-based approach. What does this mean for employers?

BENEFITS - 31.08.2017

Tax and workplace injury or illness

One of your employees has injured themselves at work. There’s no question of liability for your firm, but as a goodwill gesture you want to pay for physiotherapy to aid their recovery. Will it count as a taxable benefit?


Tax on directors’ salary, dividends and perks

The taxation of dividends and benefits in kind has changed significantly in recent times. So if you’re considering taking more income from your company, which should you choose for maximum tax efficiency?


HMRC compensation for Tax-Free Childcare

PROPERTY - 31.08.2017

Don’t overlook the value of rent-a-room relief elections

Income from letting one or more rooms in your home can be tax free where rent-a-room relief applies. However, if you also provide services to your guests the income might count as a trade. Does rent-a-room relief still apply?

INCOME TAX - CODES - 31.08.2017

HMRC’s new coding system unlikely to work (yet)

After delays HMRC’s so-called dynamic coding system is now up and running. It aims to speed up changes required to your code and collect underpaid tax sooner. As a director or employee how might it affect you?

CONTRACTORS - 25.08.2017

Check contractor applications

It’s come to light that some contractors claim to be receiving competent health and safety advice when they’re not. What’s happening?


Latest statistics on musculoskeletal disorders

A report showing the latest statistics on work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) has been produced by the HSE. What are the findings and how could this be affecting your business?


Rescue delay linked to death of machine operator

A tragic case involving the death of a worker using a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) serves as a reminder to businesses to have rescue arrangements in place for this equipment. What happened?


Q&A - should you dial 112 or 999?


Link between health problems and workplace injury

If you have an employee with a serious health condition, or who is taking medication, could they be a risk to themselves or others? A recently published study may hold the answers.

RISK ASSESSMENT - 25.08.2017

Complete failure to protect vulnerable worker

A golf ball boss has been jailed for the manslaughter of a worker who drowned whilst collecting golf balls from the bottom of a lake. What lessons can be learned from this case?

PREMISES SAFETY - 25.08.2017

Social housing providers warned to comply

EVENTS - 25.08.2017

Blinded by a confetti cannon

A special effects business has been handed a £16,000 fine and ordered to pay the same amount in costs after a confetti cannon cost a woman her sight. What happened and why?

SECURITY - 25.08.2017

Terrorism guidance

Following terrorist attacks in the UK, guidance has been produced to help businesses to prepare for the worst. Why is this important and what does it recommend?

SMOKING - 25.08.2017

Do you have to pay for a smoking shelter?

Smoking has been banned inside most workplaces since 2007. One issue that still causes confusion is whether employers have a legal duty to provide outdoor smoking shelters for employees. What’s the answer?

REDUNDANCY - 25.08.2017

Redundancy and disability discrimination

In Charlesworth v Dransfields Engineering Services Ltd 2017 the employee took time off work following his cancer diagnosis. On his return he was made redundant but his disability discrimination claim failed. Why was this?


What’s the biggest waste of your time?

EXPENSES - 25.08.2017

One third regularly inflate their expenses

According to research, over one third of employees regularly inflate their work-related expenses and nearly 20% do this deliberately. It’s estimated that this is costing employers £1.6 billion per annum. What can you do to protect yourself?


Tribunal fees: are they gone forever?

In July 2017 the Supreme Court declared the tribunal fee regime unlawful and it was abolished with immediate effect. It’s an unwelcome development for employers but could tribunal fees be reintroduced?


Unfairly dismissed for Facebook “meat deal” post

An employee who was sacked after he recommended another local supplier’s meat deal on his personal Facebook account has won his claim for unfair dismissal. Where did the employer go wrong?

SICK PAY - 25.08.2017

Work-related incapacity and right to pay

There will be occasions where an employee is incapacitated due to a work-related illness or injury. In this situation are they legally entitled to receive full pay for the duration of their sickness absence?


£360,000 for saying “women are more emotional”

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that a woman is entitled to £360,000 compensation after a male manager said that “women take things more emotionally than men”. Will such comments always attract hefty awards?

VAT - 25.08.2017

Expense or disbursement?

Many clients do not understand the difference between a recharge of expenses and a disbursement when they raise sales invoices to customers. Why is it important to rectify this, and how can your clients avoid inadvertently making mistakes?

TAX COMPLIANCE - 25.08.2017

When is a tax return really required?

The UK tax system is so convoluted that people with relatively straightforward affairs can find themselves needing to file tax returns - facing penalties if they do not do so. How might a 2016 tribunal case help your clients avoid such fines?


Implementation delayed


Advising on a share sale in practice

A number of recent tribunal cases have highlighted just how difficult securing entrepreneurs’ relief can be. When advising your clients, what pitfalls do you need to be aware of in order to ensure relief is not lost?

CORPORATION TAX - 25.08.2017

An exemption for your charity clients?

PROPERTY - 25.08.2017

Save tax using a property management company

If you don’t want to incorporate a client’s buy-to-let property portfolio, there is still a way that a company might help to reduce their tax bill. What is a property management company and how can you ensure your clients use them effectively?

CGT RELIEF - 25.08.2017

Tax relief for payments made as a guarantor

You are probably familiar with claiming relief for losses on share investments, but some clients may have acted as a guarantor for finance instead, as an alternative way of supporting a business. Is there any relief for payments made under the agreement?


After the Rangers decision, what now?

The Supreme Court has brought an end to five years of legal wrangling, and found for HMRC in the now infamous case involving Glasgow Rangers FC. Might the decision affect your clients, and if so, how can you help them?

MOVING OVERSEAS - 25.08.2017

Things to consider when retiring outside the UK

One of your wealthy clients is a few years from retirement and has indicated that he wants to move abroad. He has come to you for advice ahead of doing so - what sort of things should you bring up?


Website to search for less toxic chemicals

A service has been launched that can help you to find a more environmentally friendly and safer alternative when it comes to chemical products. How does it work and is it worth a look?

VEHICLES - 23.08.2017

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen fuelled vehicles are being hailed by some as the car of the future. Are they available to buy, and if so are they as environmentally friendly as they are made out to be?

UTILITIES - 23.08.2017

Time to switch water supplier

The potential benefits of switching water supplier are starting to become clearer. What can be achieved and how should you make the move?


What to do with redundant solar panels

If you have an ageing solar panel installation that you’re looking to scrap or upgrade, you may be wondering what to do with the old units. What are the rules?

MARKETING - 23.08.2017

Still working on Plan A

Marks & Spencer has published the next phase of its landmark sustainability strategy, which is referred to as “Plan A”. What’s in it and what can you learn from its approach?

POLLUTION - 23.08.2017

Tesco under the pump

Tesco has been fined £8 million after one of its petrol stations in the North West suffered a fuel leak. The resulting pollution required a multi-agency clean up. What was the impact on the local environment and residents?

TRAINING - 23.08.2017

Environmental training options

A member of staff is starting to take the lead on environmental matters within your business, but they don’t have an environmental background. What options are available for someone starting out in the field?


Good Work: the Taylor Review

recruitment agencies - 23.08.2017

Effective use of recruitment agencies

Despite their poor reputation, recruitment agencies can play a key role in hiring the right people for your business. But how can you make sure they work effectively for your business and are not just an expensive burden?

CONTRACTS - 23.08.2017

The pros and cons of zero-hours contracts

Over the last few years zero-hours contracts have received a great deal of media attention, most of which has been negative. What exactly are they and what are the advantages and disadvantages of engaging someone on this basis?

RECRUITMENT - 23.08.2017

Making a job offer subject to conditions

When offering a job to a prospective employee, it’s common for the offer letter to contain one or more conditions. Which ones should you include, what are the benefits and what happens if any of them aren’t met?


When is whistleblowing in the public interest?

The Court of Appeal has held that a whistleblowing disclosure can still be in the public interest even where it’s also in the whistleblower’s private interest, but that all the circumstances need to be considered. Where does this leave the “public interest” test?

CONTRACTS - 23.08.2017

Should you have a contractual PILON clause?

From an employer’s point of view, it’s advantageous to include a pay in lieu of notice (PILON) clause in staff employment contracts. What are the benefits of doing so and are there any disadvantages?

DATA PROTECTION - 23.08.2017

GDPR: subject access requests and employees’ rights

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will amend the current data protection provisions on subject access requests and employees’ rights. What’s changing and how will you need to update your procedures on these matters?


The cost of being out at work

Startling new statistics reveal that over one third of LGBT workers have been harassed or discriminated against at work. How can you prevent such unacceptable behaviour in your workplace?

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