The next steps to safety

New government guidance details the road to recovery that must be followed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. What’s to know?

The roadmap. The government has published guidance that identifies what steps businesses should take to keep their staff and customers safe from tcoronavirus (see The next step ).

Slow road. The guidance makes it clear that we must adopt a caution first approach to getting back to some semblance of normality and that there is a long road ahead. This means that businesses must take reasonable steps to reduce the risks associated with coronavirus for some time.

What to do? The key control measure is to ensure that those attending your premises are able to maintain social distancing. The 2m rule is front and centre of the guidance. This means you must consider steps such as staggering start times and shifts, introducing one-way systems around the workplace and reviewing desk layouts to allow more space. Homeworking should remain unless it’s not possible to do so. Staff should avoid using public transport where possible.

Tip 1. Formalise your new arrangements in a risk assessment (see The next step ). We have produced a document based on the government’s guidance for all workplaces. Amend the content so that it reflects the particular arrangements you have made.

Tip 2. In normal circumstances we would suggest that staff sign to confirm they have read it. However, to avoid staff having to sign the same document, share pens etc., laminate the completed risk assessment and display it prominently.

Tip 3. Many of your staff may have significant concerns about heading back to the workplace. Make it clear that you are willing to listen to them and will do your best to work with them to ensure they feel safe.

To operate your workplace safely, staff and visitors must be able to maintain social distancing. Use our new risk assessment to formalise how you are reducing risks and keeping everyone safe.

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