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WORKING TIME - 15.07.2024

Can you ask staff to work a 6-day week?

In a bid to boost productivity and economic growth, Greece has introduced a six-day working week for some businesses. Can you require your employees to work a six-day week?
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EXPENSES - 08.07.2024

Benchmark subsistence rates - are they worth it?

As an employer you don’t want to waste valuable time on avoidable admin tasks such as processing scores of expenses claims for employees’ subsistence claims. Might benchmark rates be a viable alternative?
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Tax and NI planning for multiple directorships

You’re a shareholder and director of three companies. You currently take a low salary from each company topped up with dividends. But is this really the most tax-efficient option?
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PROPERTY - 08.07.2024

Improvement and finance losses and how to claim them

You’re making substantial repairs and improvements to your buy-to-let property. You’ve borrowed from the bank to finance the repairs and these loans will wipe out the profit for a few years. What tax relief are you entitled to and how can you claim it?
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VAT - 08.07.2024

Sale of old equipment - is it VATable?

Our subscriber sold a machine which he had used in his business before he was VAT registered. His accountant has told him that he should have charged VAT on the sale and that he must now account for it out of the proceeds. Is he correct?
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Help with childcare for working parents

As a working parent you probably struggle to balance the needs of your job with those of your children, especially during the long summer holiday. This also poses a problem for employers. How can government childcare schemes help?
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No more CIS tax refunds

It pays not to talk. HMRC seems hell bent on ditching access to its services by phone. In the last couple of years contacting HMRC by phone for most tax issues has been increasingly limited. The latest victims of the HMRC cutbacks are companies who want to claim a refund of deductions made under the construction industry scheme (CIS). ...
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TRAVEL - 30.04.2024

The latest on home-to-work travel

HMRC has changed its guidance on home-to-work travel costs where an employee’s home is their workplace. How might this affect your right to tax relief?
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DISMISSAL - 17.04.2024

Fairly dismissed for irretrievable relationship breakdown

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that an employee was fairly dismissed due to a breakdown of trust and confidence in the working relationship, even though he received no written warning and wasn’t offered a right of appeal. Why was this?
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