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REDUNDANCY - 21.10.2020

Redundancy dismissal was not unfair

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that an employer’s failure to place a redundant employee on its list of bank workers didn’t make his dismissal unfair. Why?
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Employee won’t return to work due to house move

Some employees who’ve been working from home during the coronavirus pandemic have used the opportunity to move to a different geographical area as they no longer have to commute. But what happens if you now want them back at their workplace?
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Black jobs matter - positive action in recruitment

The Black Lives Matter movement has put the issue of workplace diversity firmly under scrutiny. To help ensure future diversity, one option is to use positive action. What is it and how does it differ from positive discrimination?
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PENSIONS - 19.10.2020

Pension access delayed

An important diary date. The government has confirmed previous indications that the age at which individuals will be allowed to access their private pension savings will be raised. In 2028, presumably from 6 April of that year, you’ll only be able take benefits from your pension savings if you are 57 or older. Until then the age requirement is 55. The government said the announcement was being made now “to enable people to make financial plans” . ...
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Off-payroll working, here we go again

One of the casualties of COVID-19 was the government’s plan to roll out the off-payroll working reforms to the private sector, but it was merely a delay to April 2021. So what do you need to know and how should you prepare?
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OpRA - benefits transition period closing

When optional remuneration arrangements (OpRAs) were introduced in 2017 some benefits in kind were given a four-year transitional window. This ends on 5 April 2021. What are the key elements?
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HOLIDAYS - 27.08.2020

We can’t accommodate the 14-day quarantine period

An employee wants to travel to a country that isn’t on the government’s travel corridor list. If they go, they’ll need to self-isolate for 14 days on their return. As they can’t work from home, can you refuse their annual leave request?
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Tribunal procedure changes

Several important changes have been made to the tribunal procedure rules and Acas early conciliation (EC) process to ease the burden on the overloaded system. What do you need to know?
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REDUNDANCY - 24.09.2020

Alternative employment was constructive dismissal

An employee who was given a new job role during a restructuring process has successfully claimed constructive dismissal. Why was this the outcome if she was being offered alternative employment instead of redundancy?
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