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Guarding against supplier insolvency

Data shows that despite coronavirus government support, levels of insolvent business debt increased last year. When the support ends, there is likely to be a spike in insolvencies. How can you protect yourself against supplier insolvency?
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RAISING FINANCE - 07.06.2021

How to use the seed enterprise investment scheme

If your company is less than two years old and you are looking for finance to expand, the seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) could make it attractive for investors. How does it work and does your company qualify?
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CASH FLOW - 07.06.2021

Using VAT to improve cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeline of many companies and in these difficult economic times it’s more important than ever. While VAT is usually viewed in a negative light, there are ways you can use it to improve cash flow. What are they?
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EXPENSES - 07.06.2021

Travel, tax and “temporary” workplaces

Some staff must work across various sites for extended periods (temporary workplaces). The First-tier Tribunal (FTT) recently considered the tax implications for travel costs in such cases. What was the outcome?
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LOANS - 07.06.2021

When to notify HMRC of employee loans

Some companies have helped staff out with hardship loans during the pandemic. What are the tax rules on these and what needs to be reported to HMRC?
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EXIT PLANNING - 07.06.2021

Share buy-back in instalments

One of the original owners of your company wants to retire and has asked if the company can buy back his shares. As the company doesn’t have sufficient funds to pay for them all in one go, can it do a share buy-back over several years?
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Running a business

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INSURANCE - 12.05.2021

Insurers asking for more

Some insurance companies are now demanding that their customers do more than comply with the basic requirements of the law. What might they ask for?
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CORONAVIRUS - 24.03.2021

Free workplace testing for all businesses

Scheme extended. The government has confirmed that all businesses in England are now able to sign up to its free COVID-19 rapid workplace testing programme, including firms with fewer than 50 employees. Rapid workplace testing detects cases in under 30 minutes meaning that positive cases can isolate immediately, breaking transmission chains. ...
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COMPANY CARS - 01.06.2021

Is it time to add fuel to your benefits package?

Company cars continue to be a popular benefit in kind. Conversely, employer-paid-for fuel has a poor reputation for resulting in disproportionately high tax bills. Is this still justified or might it be time for another look?
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