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COMPANY LAW - 07.07.2020

Could your business be wound up?

A business published educational booklets for schools on topics such as bullying, knife crime and online safety. It was wound up in the public interest in June 2020. Why, and what lessons can you take from this case?
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DATA PROTECTION - 07.07.2020

ICO guidance on health checks

Health headaches. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued guidance on what you can and can’t do when checking your employees’ health status (see The next step ). Staying safe. It covers carrying out testing to identify whether staff have coronavirus symptoms, e.g. temperature checks, and actual coronavirus testing. It also explains the legal position on testing, how you can fulfil your legal obligations, what information you can keep, what information you need to disclose to employees, such as what information you are collecting and how you will use it, and how to inform staff where a colleague tests positive for coronavirus. ...
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LANDLORD & TENANT - 07.07.2020

New duties for private residential landlords

On 1 June 2020 new minimum electrical safety standards came into force which most private landlords in England must meet. What are the new legal requirements that you need to be aware of?
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PRICING - 07.07.2020

Should you try teaser pricing?

Customers are tightening their belts in these tricky economic times so you’re looking at ways to increase sales. Should you consider a new pricing strategy and how can you assess the pros and cons?
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Safe return to work

When the doors to your workplace re-open there will need to be new protocols in place. How do you instil this new health and safety culture to keep staff safe and customers reassured?
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LEGAL FEES - 30.06.2020

Lowering legal fees

Research shows that SMEs experience eight legal issues a year, with half resulting in costs of £5,000. But many businesses are reluctant to use lawyers. What are the benefits of hiring one and how can you push their fees down?
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Running a business

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Selling your company - break it up to save tax

You’ve found a buyer for your business. They don’t want to buy the company itself, only its assets. You’ve been told that this can increase the tax you’ll have to pay on the sale. How can you make the arrangement more tax efficient?
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HOMEWORKING - 04.06.2020

The right way to equip your workers with IT

You’re equipping more of your staff with laptops so they can work from home without having to rely on their own computers. What should you be telling your employees about protecting the machines and the money you have tied up in them?
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CORONAVIRUS - COSTS - 22.06.2020

Return to work savings

During the coronavirus lockdown, many businesses will have closed their offices with staff working from home. However, most will return to the office or site at some point. What are the five overheads where you can cut costs as you get back to business?
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