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Don’t sacrifice safety for health

Changes to prevent the spread of coronavirus must not be at the expense of regular health and safety, the HSE has said. What’s to know?
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Are staff refusing to work on safety grounds?

With guidance encouraging a return to the workplace, some employers are finding that staff are raising concerns about health protection arrangements and refusing to turn up. How should you handle it?
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Should you get “fogging”?

You’ll have seen the images of staff and contractors walking around spraying disinfectant from a “fogging” machine. Is this an effective method of controlling the spread of coronavirus?
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STRESS - 02.07.2020

£4.7 million stress claim

RBS has been ordered to pay out an eye-watering sum in compensation to a former employee of its subsidiary, NatWest, after she won her appeal for damages. What led to the claim?
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WORKPLACE - 02.07.2020

Work in a ceiling void

False ceilings create a handy space to conceal structural elements of the building, pipes and cables. But when these installations require maintenance or alteration, what hazards should you to take into account?
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CORONAVIRUS - 02.07.2020

Spam coronavirus email from the “HSE”

Inbox. A spam email, which has been sent from a fake HSE email account, states that the recipient is being investigated for failing to manage coronavirus risks. The email also states that the business could be shut down and prosecuted. To a safety practitioner it should be obvious it’s spam, but others have already been fooled into thinking it’s genuine. To an untrained eye it could be treated seriously. ...
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Health, safety & environment

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The HSE’s stance on social distancing

If you’re wondering what the consequences might be if you don’t try that hard to enforce coronavirus rules, the HSE has given clarification. What do you need to know?
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Tearing up the rule book

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to meet various health and safety standards. What stance is being taken by the enforcing authorities?
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Protecting site workers from infection

Many construction sites have continued to operate during the lockdown. If you’re in this sector, what operational procedures should you be applying and how strict must you be in enforcing them?
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