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WORK EQUIPMENT - 14.10.2020

Operator killed while high-pressure jetting

Following the death of an operator using jet-washing equipment, an employer has been fined £2 million. What are the dangers of using this machinery and what should you look for when hiring a contractor for this task?
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WORK AT HEIGHT - 14.10.2020

Updated guidance on roof work

The HSE has updated its detailed guidance for those organising work on roofs. Whether your structure is pitched or flat, tiled or sheeted, already built or under construction, this is your go-to guide. What’s changed?
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DRIVING - 14.10.2020

Drivers afraid of the road

De-skilled. The Institute of Advanced Motorists reports that one-in-five drivers and riders are more anxious about being on the road since the start of lockdown. The 1,000 drivers interviewed expressed concerns about their own confidence, other drivers’ road sense and the number of cyclists encountered. They also had coronavirus concerns in relation to car sharing. ...
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Dust-focused inspection time

Inspectors across the country will be out and about checking to make sure that construction firms’ health standards are fit for purpose. What are they looking for?
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FIRST AID - 14.10.2020

Fresh advice on first aid

The HSE has revamped its web-based first aid information, bringing together the latest developments on the subject. It covers the arrangements you should have for delivering first aid as well as how to manage training needs at this time.
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Traffic management plans for small works

A facilities management company carrying out relatively small-scale construction works on a footpath has found itself in court over a vehicle collision. How would a traffic management plan have helped to prevent the accident?
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Health, safety & environment

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CORONAVIRUS - 28.09.2020

New rules and lockdowns

With an increased number of reported cases and new restrictions in place, should you be bringing staff back to the workplace or keeping them at home?
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Employees’ health at risk from incompetent advice

Two health and safety consultants have been fined relating to their inadequate advice on occupational health. What happened and how can you avoid sharing the blame when an advisor gets it wrong?
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CORONAVIRUS - 03.09.2020

Getting back to work

The HSE has published some insightful guidance to help manufacturers manage the knock-on health and safety effects of an extended shutdown and reopening. What does it say?
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