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WORKPLACE - 29.11.2023

Pret fined for worker trapped in freezer

Pret has been fined after an employee was trapped in a freezer for more than two hours, where she tried to use croissant boxes to stave off hypothermia. How could this happen and what should be in place to prevent a similar occurrence?
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What can business learn from football’s mistakes?

With the recent death of Sir Bobby Charlton questions are being raised about sports equipment and practices. But is there anything that businesses can learn from sport’s dawning acknowledgement that repetitive tasks can hurt people?
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Why offer ‘flu jabs?

Free ‘flu jabs for staff. Offering free on-site ‘flu vaccinations or encouraging employees to seek ‘flu vaccination in the community can bring many benefits to your business, including potentially reducing sickness absence. Benefits to your business. Implementing a vaccination programme can reduce absenteeism through seasonal illness resulting in improved productivity and less cost to your business, especially if you pay during periods of sick leave. ...
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ENFORCEMENT - 16.11.2023

Working with your inspector

When a health and safety inspector calls, you may feel inclined to keep dialogue to a minimum, but taking a collaborative approach can pay off. Why is this and what are our top tips for dealing with the enforcing authorities?
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ENVIRONMENT - 16.11.2023

Government U-turn on targets

On 20 September 2023, Rishi Sunak announced major changes to the UK’s approach to the net zero target. What were these changes to policy and how might it affect your business?
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ENVIRONMENT - 16.11.2023

Hazardous wood waste requirements

Waste wood classification. On 1 September 2023, the Environment Agency (EA) outlined that ten items of waste wood from buildings constructed before 2007 will now be classified as types of hazardous waste, meaning waste recyclers will not accept them unless they have undergone appropriate tests to prove they are not hazardous. These items are: barge boards, external fascia, soffit boards, external joinery, external doors, roof timber, tiling cladding, tiling battens, timber frames and timber joists. ...
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Health, safety & environment

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ENVIRONMENT - 02.11.2023

Sustainable safety knife of the future?

New innovations. Purchasing sustainable consumables holds significant importance in promoting environmental conservation, reducing waste, and driving positive social and economic change. Thanks to continually evolving manufacturing techniques, sustainable consumables often undergo more environmentally friendly production processes, leading to less harm to ecosystems and biodiversity. ...
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TRANSPORT - 04.10.2023

Haulage company fined after worker dies from injuries

Even though a risk assessment and adequate controls had been implemented, a worker fell 1.2m from a loading bay and died whilst accessing the rear of his lorry. What went wrong and how can you avoid a similar accident at your site?
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WORKPLACE - 20.09.2023

Help prevent slips, trips and falls

With wetter months approaching now is a good time to review your policy and procedures for preventing slips, trips and falls in the workplace. What should you be considering and are there any further controls that could be applied?
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