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BREXIT - 12.02.2020

Brexit - employment and immigration changes?

Now that the UK has finally left the EU, employers will be wondering what changes are in store for their businesses in 2020 and beyond. What are the immediate implications of Brexit for employment law and immigration?
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BREXIT - 10.02.2020

Q&A - workers rights to be watered down?

Q. We understand that the clauses which were meant to safeguard existing EU-derived workers’ rights were removed from the Withdrawal Agreement Act 2018 (the Act) shortly before it passed into legislation. Does the government intend to water down employment rights? ...
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BREXIT - 18.10.2019

What to do with workers post-Brexit?

With the Brexit deadline finally looming (probably), you’re sure to start receiving questions from concerned workers about their status etc. Whether the UK leaves with or without a deal, what answers can you give them?
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