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£340,000 for being called “a pensioner”

An employee who was labelled “a pensioner” because of his age and placed “in the relegation zone” has been awarded £340,000 in compensation by the tribunal. These are both no-nos, but where else did the employer go wrong?
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LEGISLATION - 30.11.2023

Amendments to the Equality Act 2010

New Regulations. Following Brexit, certain EU-derived discrimination laws were due to be automatically removed at the end of 2023. To prevent this happening, the government has introduced the Equality Act 2010 (Amendment) Regulations 2023 which are due to come into force on 1 January 2024. Amongst other things, these Regulations: confirm that discrimination on the grounds of breastfeeding falls under the protected characteristic of sex; grant individuals the right to claim indirect discrimination by association, i.e. where a person suffers less favourable treatment because they know a person with a protected characteristic and extends direct discrimination protection to cover statements made about not recruiting people with certain protected characteristic, e.g. age or race. ...
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“Clever woman” loses discrimination claim

An employee who was referred to as a “clever woman” by a colleague has lost her claim of sex discrimination at the tribunal. Why did the tribunal side with the employer in this case and what else do you need to know?
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Nut allergy results in discriminatory dismissal

An employee who was sacked following a period of sickness absence caused by a nut allergy has won his tribunal claim for discrimination. Where did the employer involved in this case go wrong?
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HARASSMENT - 13.11.2023

The new duty to prevent sexual harassment

The new Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023 introduces a new duty for employers to prevent sexual harassment of their employees in the workplace. When does this new duty come into force?
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HARASSMENT - 31.10.2023

Employee told to wear make-up wins harassment claim

An employee who was told by her manager to wear make-up when she came into work has won her tribunal claim for harassment related to sex. Why did the tribunal reach this decision and what else did it say?
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Employment & HR - Discrimination

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Employee awarded £25,000 over “deadnaming”

In what’s thought to be the first case of its kind, an employee has been awarded over £25,000 in compensation after she was “deadnamed” by her employer. What is “deadnaming” and why is it unlawful?
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Employee excluded from WhatsApp chat wins £130,000

A long-term sick employee who was excluded from his employer’s WhatsApp group chat has been awarded £130,000 compensation by the tribunal. Why did the tribunal make such a sizeable award in this case?
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Is the menopause now a protected characteristic?

In September 2023 it was reported that an employee has won her tribunal claim for “menopause discrimination” and been awarded £64,000 compensation. Is the menopause now a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010?
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