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Supporting employees going through divorce

Many people choose to end their marriages at the start of a new year, with January being known as the “Divorce Month”. How can you support an employee if you discover that they are going through a divorce?
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Informing staff about a colleague’s sudden death

On average, there are 11,300 deaths each week in England and Wales with hundreds of these being sudden and unexpected. If one of your employees dies suddenly and unexpectedly, how should you tell their colleagues?
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HOLIDAYS - 13.12.2023

COVID-19: holiday carry over rights removed

When the pandemic started, employees were given the right to carry over certain holiday entitlement for up to two years where they could not take holiday due to COVID-19. However, this right is coming to an end. What do you need to know?
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Is it time to scrap Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a long-standing tradition in many UK workplaces. However, new research shows that the festive tradition no longer has widespread support. What are the reasons for this and is it time to scrap Secret Santa altogether?
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Should you have hair colour rules?

An employee has turned up to work sporting bright blue hair which you think looks really unprofessional. Can you ask them to revert to a natural hair colour?
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MOBILE PHONES - 06.09.2023

Can you ban mobile phone use at work?

You’ve noticed that some employees are often glued to their mobile phones. Whilst you understand they may need to respond to the odd message or make an urgent call, it’s really impacting productivity. Can you ban personal mobile phone use at work?
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