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New data protection and coronavirus information hub

The Information Commissioner’s Office has created an online information hub to help employers navigate data protection during the pandemic. What topics does it cover?
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TIME OFF - 07.05.2020

Consultation on carers’ leave

The government is consulting on its proposals to introduce a new statutory right for employees to take one week’s unpaid carer’s leave per year. What’s this all about?
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Supreme Court rules no vicarious liability for employers

The Supreme Court has overturned the Court of Appeal’s rulings and found for the employers in two key cases on vicarious liability, one relating to alleged sexual assaults and the other a data protection breach. What are the implications?
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EMPLOYMENT LAW - 09.03.2020

Workers’ rights - what’s new in 2020?

We’ve been promised an Employment Bill later this year which will usher in a new enforcement agency for workers’ rights, but ahead of that there are other changes to be aware of now. What are they?
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BREXIT - 12.02.2020

Brexit - data protection changes?

Data protection has been a hot topic for UK businesses for some time, especially since the introdution of the GDPR. But what are the potential implications of Brexit as far as data protection is concerned?
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BREXIT - 12.02.2020

Brexit - employment and immigration changes?

Now that the UK has finally left the EU, employers will be wondering what changes are in store for their businesses in 2020 and beyond. What are the immediate implications of Brexit for employment law and immigration?
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