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NEW LEGISLATION - 09.06.2023

New protection for parents and carers

Three government-backed private members’ bills that give parents and carers new employment protections have received Royal Assent. What are they?
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Proposals to change retained EU employment law

The government has announced a number of proposed reforms to retained EU employment law and has issued a consultation document to gather views on its proposals. What is it proposing to amend?
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EMPLOYMENT LAW - 01.06.2023

EU employment rights: what now?

Scrapped. In September 2022 the government introduced the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill. The purpose of this legislation was to allow the government to “sunset”, i.e. tear up, all EU-derived employment rights on 31 December 2023. However, in an unexpected move, the government announced in May 2023 that it has decided to abandon the sunset provisions contained in this Bill. What does this mean for EU-derived employment rights now? ...
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NEW LEGISLATION - 15.05.2023

The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023

New law. In May 2023 the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 received Royal Assent. This new legislation amends the Employment Rights Act 1996 and is expected to come into force in 2024. When this happens, employers will be legally required to ensure that all employees are allocated 100% of any tips , gratuities or service charges, save for any income tax or NI deductions, by the end of the following month. If the employer uses agency workers, they will also have a statutory right to receive their share of tips , gratuities or service charges. Around 2 million employees and workers are expected to benefit from this new legislation. Compliance. Employers will be required to keep a written record of how the tips have been dealt with for up to three years which an employee will be able to request. The government will also be producing a new Code of Practice that sets out exactly how employers can ensure that the distribution of tips, gratuities and service charges is fair and transparent. ...
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NEW LEGISLATION - 22.05.2023

Royal Assent for Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023

The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 received Royal Assent on 2 May 2023. When is this new legislation likely to come into force?
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OVERTIME - 09.05.2023

Do you have to pay employees for overtime?

One of your employees is querying their latest pay as they say they worked extra time when covering for their manager. Do you have to pay them overtime in this situation?
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