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NEW LEGISLATION - 04.05.2023

New offence of failure to prevent fraud

Stricter legislation. In April 2023 the government introduced a new corporate offence of “failure to prevent fraud” into its Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill (the Bill). This new legislation seeks to bring the law on corporate fraud in line with the law on corporate bribery which is governed by the Bribery Act 2010 . It will also make it much easier for the authorities to prosecute an employer if an employee commits fraud to its benefit. An employer will only be able to avoid prosecution if it had reasonable measures in place to deter employee fraud. If not, an unlimited fine can be imposed. Will this new legislation apply to every employer? ...
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MINIMUM WAGE - 25.04.2023

NLW/NMW - what’s in store for 2024?

The government usually makes changes to the national living wage/national minimum wage based on the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission (LPC). What’s the LPC recommending for 2024?
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REDUNDANCY - 14.12.2022

The £50,000 redundancy selection mistake

An employee who was marked down on her accuracy and performance in a redundancy scoring exercise and subsequently made redundant has been awarded £50,000 by the tribunal. Where did the employer go wrong?
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