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Dealing with post-lockdown flexible working requests

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in large numbers of normally office-based employees working from home. When offices do re-open, it’s likely to result in an increase in flexible working requests. Can you still say no?
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When isn’t it reasonably practicable to take annual leave?

There seems to be a misunderstanding amongst many workers (and some employers) that they now have a right to carry over any untaken annual leave for up to two years thanks to coronavirus. This isn’t quite true. What’s the actual legal position?
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PAYROLL FRAUD - 07.07.2020

Tacking financial crime

Not everyone has been in lockdown for the last few months. In fact, fraudsters and scammers have treated it as a business opportunity. How can you avoid falling prey to their ever more sophisticated tactics?
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PENSIONS - 07.07.2020

Pensions auto re-enrolment duties

Many small employers who auto-enrolled staff into a workplace pension for the first time in 2017 are now facing auto re-enrolment. What do you need to know to ensure a pain-free process?
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Childcare support criteria relaxed

Earnings requirement. To access tax-free childcare (TFC) and the 30 hours of free childcare scheme, employees must normally have earnings of at least the value of 16 hours per week at the relevant national minimum wage rate. HMRC has confirmed that if earnings are below the minimum earnings requirement because the employee is furloughed, this does not invalidate their membership of the scheme(s). Equally, key workers whose earnings now exceed £100,000 per year, as they are working additional shifts, will have their additional earnings discounted and can still retain membership of the scheme....
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BICYCLE SCHEMES - 06.07.2020

Time for staff to get on their bikes?

With fears about travel, and pressure on public transport to operate effective social distancing measures, there’s been a lot of talk about commuting to work on a bike. Is it time to consider introducing a bicycle scheme at work?
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Employment & HR - Pay & conditions

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Changing contractual terms

Due to the crisis you need to make cost savings so you’ve tried to reduce an employee’s hours and pay by mutual consent. They’ve refused to negotiate but you still wish to proceed. What are your options?
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Temporary homeworking and suitable workstations

Many of your employees are temporarily working from home due to the coronavirus situation. You’re wondering if you need to carry out a home workstation risk assessment for these homeworkers. Is this necessary?
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Making a homeworking arrangement permanent

An employee who has been based at home for a couple of months has asked if they can have a permanent homeworking arrangement. In principle you’ve no objection, but what should you consider first?
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