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NOISE - 02.11.2023

Have you tried the shout test?

The HSE is asking bosses to shout at work to test if they have a workplace noise problem, and if the test returns a positive result it would like you to “CUFF” it! What does it have in mind and what action should you be taking?
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NOISE - 19.10.2023

The extent of occupational hearing loss

Source. The HSE’s Workplace Health Expert Committee has summarised published scientific evidence to try to gain an understanding of the extent of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in British industry, but it is quick to point out that the data, from sources such as the International Labor Organization, are poor quality, so the results are more opinion than fact based. ...
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NOISE - 12.09.2023

Excessive noise hinders office return

A study has found that excessive noise is preventing people from returning to the office, and results in reduced productivity when they do go in. What can you do to overcome these obstacles and ensure a healthy workplace for all concerned?
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