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ENVIRONMENT - 13.03.2023

National Highways in a mess

Threat of prosecution. Campaigners are threatening to take National Highways to court if it does not fulfil its duty to clean up the litter-strewn motorway network. Clean Up Britain is warning that it’s “in flagrant and systemic breach of its duties” under s.89 Environmental Protection Act 1990 . The group alleges that National Highways is guilty of professional negligence, contractual amateurism and wasting public money as the duty is not fulfilled across large swathes of the motorway network. ...
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POLLUTION - 26.01.2023

Check bunds for contamination

Winter weather. Heavy rain, snow and high winds, which can loosen tree branches, twigs and leaves, can cause exterior bunds to fill up and become contaminated. If this occurs it will damage the integrity of your control measures for containing spillages and could lead to an environmental incident. ...
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ENVIRONMENT - 12.12.2022

Are diesel particulate filters the answer?

Air pollution is the number one cause for environmental concern. Along with obvious health implications it leads to global warming. Can diesel particulate filters help to reduce emissions thereby protecting both your workers and the environment?
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