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Do we need to test cutting fluid?

One of our subscribers has been told by an auditor that he should have a regular test of the cutting fluid on his metalworking machines. Is this true? And if so, what should be carried out?
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CORONAVIRUS - 11.06.2020

Five steps to working safely

Keeping it simple. The government has issued some fairly lengthy guidelines for the reopening of various types of premises, but in case anyone doesn’t have the energy to wade through the detail, it’s quite sensibly issued core principles. It’s presented this as a five-step guide as follows: (1) carry out a coronavirus risk assessment; (2) develop cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures; (3) help people to work from home; (4) maintain two metres social distancing, where possible; and (5) where people cannot be two metres apart, manage transmission risk. ...
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FIRE - 11.06.2020

Fire statistics: a good news story

The latest statistics for fire incidents in England have been released by the Home Office. It appears that the many years of hard work are starting to pay off. What do the numbers reveal?
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FIRE SAFETY - 03.06.2020

Hotel group pays £250,000 for fire breaches

The firm which runs the Campanile Hotel group has been ordered to pay a fine of £220,000 and costs of over £30,000 after one of its properties was found to be operating without a working fire alarm. What circumstances led to the charges?
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MANUAL HANDLING - 18.05.2020

A guide to handling gas cylinders

The European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) has published guidance to assist in the safe manoeuvring of gas cylinders. What’s covered and is it a document you should be using in your training etc.?
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WORK AT HEIGHT - 07.04.2020

Flybe fined for lift shaft fall

Airline company Flybe Ltd has been fined £100,000 in connection with an employee’s fall into a lift shaft. Given that the exact cause of the accident could not be identified, why did the company find itself in court?
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