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RISK ASSESSMENT - 10.04.2024

The cost of not paying attention to risk assessments

Whilst undertaking risk assessments can be seen as a bit of a chore, doing so is a necessary part of keeping your workplace safe. What can go wrong with inadequate risk assessments?
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CHEMICAL SAFETY - 26.03.2024

Know your hazard and precautionary statements

All substances are supplied with a label and a safety data sheet (SDS) which gives you information about the properties of the chemical. But what is a hazard or precautionary statement, what information is provided and how should you use this?
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TERRORISM - 26.03.2024

Are you prepared for a terrorist threat?

With new legislation on the horizon, you could do well to start thinking about your preparedness for terrorist threats. Fortunately, the government has provided some easy to use guidance. What’s available?
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FIRE SAFETY - 26.03.2024

Guidance for e-bikes and scooters published

New guidance. In February 2024 the Department for Transport published new guidance for premises managers about assessing and managing fire risks involving the lithium batteries used in e-bikes and e-scooters. What’s included? Statistics show that there were 77 battery fires in 2020, rising to approximately 338 in 2023. Therefore, it’s recommended that premises managers should consult a competent fire risk assessor for the latest advice specific to lithium fires and e-bikes and e-scooters. ...
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RISK ASSESSMENT - 26.03.2024

Van driver killed by entrance barrier

A van driver was killed when a swing barrier speared his windscreen whilst he was driving off site at a cider manufacturing facility. How could this have happened and how can you reduce the risk of a similar incident at your workplace?
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WORKING AT HEIGHT - 12.03.2024

Company fined after avoidable death of worker

A company involved in fruit and vegetable production has been fined £320,000 after a worker was killed. What led to the incident and how can you avoid a similar situation?
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Health, safety & environment - Risk assessment

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RISK ASSESSMENT - 27.02.2024

Company fined after 21-year-old worker dies

A company has been fined £67,000 after a young employee lost his life. What were the circumstances of the accident and what should have been in place to prevent this tragic event?
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How to manage chemicals with H360 hazard statement

There’s a huge variety of chemicals used in the workplace, and each must be supplied with a safety data sheet (SDS) telling you of its hazardous properties. If you use a substance with an H360 hazard statement, what are the particular risks and what should you do to control them?
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RISK ASSESSMENT - 02.03.2024

Crush injury lands luxury yacht maker in hot water

A premium yacht maker has been hit with a £600,000 fine after one of its workers suffered life-changing injuries at its shipyard in Plymouth. What happened and how could the incident have been avoided?
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