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ABSENCE - 15.04.2024

Employee calls in sick following London Marathon

The London Marathon takes place this Sunday, 21 April 2024. If an employee calls in sick the day after, or following a similar event, is there anything you can do about it?
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April is Stress Awareness Month

Stress accounts for around half of all work-related ill health, causing problems for millions of workers and employers. How can you use this year’s Stress Awareness Month to improve the situation in your workplace?
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REPAIRS - 05.04.2024

Have you underclaimed expenses?

In 2022/23 HMRC sent a nudge letter to taxpayers that included a statement saying that upgrading a boiler wouldn’t be a deductible expense for tax purposes. It’s now writing to individuals admitting that this was wrong. What action do you need to take?
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RECRUITMENT - 02.04.2024

Responsible AI recruitment

The government has published new guidance on procuring and deploying AI in the recruitment process, e.g. during the sourcing, screening, interview or selection stages. Is it worth a look?
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SELF-ASSESSMENT - 21.03.2024

HMRC U-turn on helpline closures

Earlier this week, HMRC announced that it would be scaling back its tax helplines, a move that was widely criticised. It has now seemingly reversed the decision. What’s going on?
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SELF-ASSESSMENT - 19.03.2024

Tax helplines to be cut

It’s now been confirmed that HMRC staff will be permanently diverted away from the self-assessment helpline meaning more blackout periods. What’s the full story?
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PAYE - 14.02.2024

Rates and thresholds for 2024/25 confirmed

The tax and NI rates and thresholds, as well as the national living and minimum wage levels, applicable to earnings taxed under PAYE have been confirmed for the 2024/25 tax year. Are there any highlights you need to be aware of?
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Statutory payment rates confirmed

A draft Order has been published which confirms the statutory payment rates for tax year 2024/25. What are they?
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HOLIDAYS - 11.03.2024

Employee takes holiday even though you denied the request

With the Easter school holidays starting soon, it’s likely you may have had to decline annual leave requests. If you’ve refused a request but then hear that an employee plans to take the time off anyway, how should you deal with that?
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