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Guarding against supplier insolvency

Data shows that despite coronavirus government support, levels of insolvent business debt increased last year. When the support ends, there is likely to be a spike in insolvencies. How can you protect yourself against supplier insolvency?
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RAISING FINANCE - 07.06.2021

How to use the seed enterprise investment scheme

If your company is less than two years old and you are looking for finance to expand, the seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) could make it attractive for investors. How does it work and does your company qualify?
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CASH FLOW - 07.06.2021

Using VAT to improve cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeline of many companies and in these difficult economic times it’s more important than ever. While VAT is usually viewed in a negative light, there are ways you can use it to improve cash flow. What are they?
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EXPENSES - 07.06.2021

Travel, tax and “temporary” workplaces

Some staff must work across various sites for extended periods (temporary workplaces). The First-tier Tribunal (FTT) recently considered the tax implications for travel costs in such cases. What was the outcome?
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LOANS - 07.06.2021

When to notify HMRC of employee loans

Some companies have helped staff out with hardship loans during the pandemic. What are the tax rules on these and what needs to be reported to HMRC?
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STRATEGY - 07.06.2021

How to create a one-page strategic plan

The board have asked you to draft a clear and concise overall strategic plan for the business, preferably a single-page document that anyone in the company can easily understand. What should you include?
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Running a business - Banking, finance & insurance

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BANKING - 24.03.2021

Contactless payment limit increased to £100

Another rise. On 1 April 2020 the contactless payment limit was raised from £30 to £45. To help businesses recover following the coronavirus pandemic, the limit has now been raised again, this time to £100. Although the change is already effective, banks and firms will need to make the necessary changes to their systems and contactless payment terminal software. This will take a little time. ...
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BUDGETING - 08.04.2021

The one-page business plan

An annual budget plan is more important than ever, yet completing one probably fills you with dread. But it doesn’t have to be long and complicated. Could you cut back the template to just a page?
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Investigating a company using filleted accounts

Most small companies only submit filleted accounts to Companies House which don’t include a profit and loss. How can you assess the financial risk of doing business with a company by looking at just its balance sheet?
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