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COMPANY LAW - 02.01.2024

How to prevent fraudulent misrepresentation

Shares in one security company were sold to another. Soon after, the purchaser refused to pay most of the consideration, claiming it had been duped into the transaction. What form did the alleged misrepresentation take, and what was the outcome in this case?
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COMPANY LAW - 29.11.2023

Company’s class rights variation determined by court

Companies must follow the right procedure when changing the rights attached to a class of their shares. A recent case illustrates the confusion that can arise if a bespoke procedure in the articles is not drafted carefully enough. What happened here, and how can other companies avoid this tricky situation?
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COMPANY LAW - 28.09.2023

Company left in limbo after director’s death

A family business was plunged into conflict when its sole director died. In a case that illustrates the need for such companies to think about succession planning, one side tried to get the court onside in its power grab. Did it succeed?
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HEALTH & SAFETY - 04.05.2023

Recycler convicted of corporate manslaughter

A recycling company has been convicted of corporate manslaughter following its employee’s death. Fatal accident prosecutions are more commonly based on health and safety legislation, so why was this company charged with corporate manslaughter?
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