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CONTRACTS - 31.10.2023

How to terminate a contract for non-payment

Your company has an ongoing contract with another business yet, despite promises to the contrary, it hasn’t paid up. The directors now want to walk away from the deal, but how should they go about terminating it?
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DATA PROTECTION - 31.10.2023

How to respond to a subject access request

A council has been reprimanded by the Information Commissioner’s Office for failing to process data subject access requests (SAR) quickly enough. Responding to these requests can be onerous. How can small businesses comply with the law without wasting time and resources?
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ADVERTISING - 27.06.2023

Stay on the right side of the ad rules

Advertising rules make sure consumers are not misled, so they apply to small businesses and corporate giants alike. It can be a difficult area to navigate, and the regulator has pulled together guidance for small businesses to help them stay on the right side of the rules. What does this new resource cover?
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CONTRACTS - 04.05.2023

Contract terms or conduct - which will prevail?

A dispute turned on whether the terms of the contract had precedence over the conduct of the parties. In a claim worth over £1.2 million, did the finance provider’s forgiving attitude towards late payment prevent it from terminating for non-payment later on?
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