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COMPANY LAW - 03.02.2020

Do you have a conflict of interest?

Directors can be allowed to act even if they have a conflict of interest, but the correct procedures must be followed. It’s important to get this right, as transactions can be overturned and directors held personally liable. So what do you need to know about conflicts of interest?
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DIRECTORS - 21.01.2020

Imprisonment and disqualification for rogue director

One disqualification order would be enough to make most people seek a different profession or play by the rules in future. However, some rogue directors never learn, as a recent Insolvency Service prosecution illustrates. Why was this director imprisoned and disqualified all over again?
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PAYE - 17.09.2019

Paying a director off the record

You’ve engaged the services of a non-executive director (NED) who has experience in growing companies. She says she’s freelance and has asked for her fees to be paid free of tax and NI. Is that OK or do you run the risk of trouble with HMRC?
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