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Unfairly dismissed for calling bosses “twit and twat”

An employee who was dismissed for referring to his bosses as “twit and twat” in a text to a client has won his tribunal claim for unfair dismissal. The employer involved made a fatal error. What was it and how could it have been avoided?
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£4,000 award for antenatal appointment comment

An employee who rushed back to work after her boss said that she’d “taken too many antenatal appointments” has been awarded £4,000 by the tribunal. Is there a limit on the number of appointments a pregnant employee is entitled to take?
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The downsides of compressed hours arrangements

A full-time employee, who currently works a five-day week, has asked if they could switch to a compressed hours working arrangement. How does this work in practice and what are the downsides from your perspective?
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HEALTH AND SAFETY - 02.07.2020

Hand sanitiser, allergies and health issues

You’ve set up several hand sanitiser stations in your workplace as part of your coronavirus precautions. However, one of your employees is refusing to use the product you’ve supplied. What should your response be?
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DATA PROTECTION - 02.07.2020

ICO’s IT security checklists for homeworkers

New guidance. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published new IT security checklists for employers who currently have staff working from home (see The next step ). These checklists aren’t exhaustive, but they do cover the common IT vulnerabilities which the ICO often sees exploited in homeworking settings. ...
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TRIBUNALS - 02.07.2020

Challenging out of time tribunal claims

Strict time limits apply to the presentation of tribunal claims. However, many claimants lodge claims late, which is known as being “out of time”. If this happens to you, why should you alert the tribunal as quickly as possible?
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Running a business - Employment & payroll

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Can furloughed employees be made redundant?

You might have furloughed members of staff or be planning on doing so. Where an employee has been furloughed can you make them redundant during or after their furlough period?
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HOLIDAYS - 03.06.2020

Compelling workers to take holiday

Workers accrue holiday during furlough and some holiday rights can now be carried over for up to two years. Can you compel staff to take accrued holiday during furlough?
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DISMISSAL - 03.06.2020

Refusing to return from furlough

You’ve asked an employee who was placed on furlough to now return to work. However, they’ve refused your request. Do you have grounds to dismiss them in this situation?
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