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Constructively dismissed following flexible working request

An employee whose flexible working request was declined has won her claims for constructive dismissal and direct disability discrimination, even though her employer had sound business reasons for refusing her request. What key mistake was made?
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Seeking medical report on sick employee

You may want to seek a medical report on an employee during their long-term sickness absence or if they have a substantial number of short-term sickness absences. What should you do to ensure you obtain a report that’s fit for purpose?
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RIGHT TO WORK - 01.07.2024

Pre-settled status holders: right to work checks

Five-year extension. In autumn 2023, the government confirmed that holders of pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme would automatically have their status extended by two years if they hadn’t yet obtained settled status. It has now announced that, when it automatically extends pre-settled status, this will be for five years instead of two. ...
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CONTRACTS - 01.07.2024

Parliament passes legislation restricting NDAs

New legislation. S.17 Victims and Prisoners Act 2024 will make void any provision in an agreement, such as in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), that purports to preclude a disclosure of information by a victim of criminal conduct (or someone who reasonably believes they’re a victim) to: (1) anyone with law enforcement functions; (2) a qualified lawyer; (3)  someone who’s entitled to practise a regulated profession; (4) someone who provides a victim support service; (5) a regulator of a regulated profession; (6) someone who’s authorised to receive information on behalf of any of the above; and (7) the victim’s child, parent or partner. The legislation also sets out further detail about the purpose of the victim’s disclosure to persons in these categories (see The next step ). ...
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MISCONDUCT - 01.07.2024

Watch out for mouse mover devices!

An American bank has sacked more than a dozen employees for using “mouse movers” on their work PCs. What are they and what should you do about them?
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Must you allow support worker at disciplinary hearing?

An employee has a statutory right to be accompanied at a disciplinary hearing by a work colleague or trade union representative or official. But do they have any wider right where they have a learning disability or there’s a language barrier?
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Running a business - Employment & payroll

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DISMISSAL - 17.04.2024

Fairly dismissed for irretrievable relationship breakdown

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that an employee was fairly dismissed due to a breakdown of trust and confidence in the working relationship, even though he received no written warning and wasn’t offered a right of appeal. Why was this?
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Can employee take holiday during sick leave?

If an employee is absent from work on long-term sick leave, they continue to accrue at least statutory annual leave. With the 2024 summer holiday season now starting, can they apply to take some of their annual leave during their sickness absence?
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FIT NOTES - 17.05.2024

Reform of the fit note system

Call for evidence. The government has issued a call for evidence to explore reform of the fit note system, after it was revealed that, of the 11m fit notes issued in England in the year to September 2023, 93.8% stated the employee was “not fit for work” , with only 6.2% stating they “may be fit for work” with adaptations in place (see The next step ). ...
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