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Can coronavirus frustrate contracts?

The coronavirus outbreak has meant that many commercial contracts can’t be performed. Could you argue that the pandemic situation is a “frustration” of contract and escape your contractual obligations without any liability?
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INSURANCE - 28.04.2020

Easing the claims process

You pay a small fortune in insurance premiums every year, but whenever you want to make a claim the insurer makes you jump through hoops. Is there a way to make the whole process more efficient?
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Remote working - the insurance implications

During the coming weeks and months more and more people will be working from home due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Are there insurance risks involved that you need to consider?
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CONTRACTS - 01.04.2020

Is coronavirus a “force majeure” event?

Most commercial contracts include a “force majeure” clause. They allow one or both parties to escape contractual liabilities where events outside of their control arise. Is coronavirus a force majeure event?
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COMPANY LAW - 03.02.2020

Do you have a conflict of interest?

Directors can be allowed to act even if they have a conflict of interest, but the correct procedures must be followed. It’s important to get this right, as transactions can be overturned and directors held personally liable. So what do you need to know about conflicts of interest?
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DIRECTORS - 21.01.2020

Imprisonment and disqualification for rogue director

One disqualification order would be enough to make most people seek a different profession or play by the rules in future. However, some rogue directors never learn, as a recent Insolvency Service prosecution illustrates. Why was this director imprisoned and disqualified all over again?
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