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BUDGET - 18.03.2024

Good Budget for business?

While most of the headline Budget announcements affect individual taxpayers, lurking in the small print are a few changes for businesses. Will they impact you?
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Lease or buy?

Your business is growing, and you’ve been asked to consider whether the company should lease or buy new premises. What factors do you need to consider in making a decision?
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BUSINESS RATES - 14.11.2023

Business rates reform - what’s the latest?

On top of higher interest rates and inflation, businesses and commercial landlords now face another burden in the shape of new rules for business rates. What’s the full story?
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PROPERTY - 31.10.2023

Property rental, getting hitched and a tax trap

Getting married or becoming civil partners has many tax advantages. However, for landlords it could result in higher income tax bills. Why, and what steps can you take to prevent this?
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