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Tax return following a delayed start to business

You formed a company in March with the intention of beginning trade immediately. However, this was delayed because of coronavirus. Do you need to notify HMRC and what effect will the delay have on the company’s tax returns?
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Restarting salary from your company

You’ve not drawn salary from your company for the last three months because its income was significantly reduced. It’s now improving and you’re restarting your salary next month. Is it worth paying yourself the arrears?
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TAX - COMPANY TAX - 07.07.2020

Selling company assets - minimising the tax cost

When the current financial troubles have settled you want to sell a few company assets to raise cash. You’re considering assets ranging from a van to an antique desk. Which should you sell for maximum tax efficiency?
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CORPORATION TAX - 30.06.2020

How to cash in on trading losses

According to the Bank of England, the UK is facing the worst recession in 300 years so many companies will be making losses in 2020. If your company is one of them, how can you turn these losses into cash refunds?
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Increase to large company relief scheme

At the 2020 Budget the government announced its intention to increase its spending on research and development. What measure is effective from April 2020, which clients can benefit, and how can you best provide advice?
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CORPORATION TAX - 25.06.2020

Intangible fixed assets: changes to regime

The 2020 Budget announced that intangible fixed assets acquired from 1 July 2020 will be taxed under a single regime. What does this mean for your clients, and will the changes really make the intangibles regime simpler?
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Tax - Corporation tax

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Selling your company - break it up to save tax

You’ve found a buyer for your business. They don’t want to buy the company itself, only its assets. You’ve been told that this can increase the tax you’ll have to pay on the sale. How can you make the arrangement more tax efficient?
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COMPANY TAX - LOSSES - 13.05.2020

Loss relief when a company’s business ends

You were winding down your business with a view to closing the company in the next year or so but the lockdown has brought your plans forward. If your company makes a loss in its final period of trade how can it obtain tax relief for it?
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CAPITAL GAINS TAX - 25.06.2020

Property business incorporation: planning and traps

A client with a significant property portfolio is considering incorporating their business. What are the key considerations and are there any traps to avoid or tax planning ideas you can suggest?
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