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EXPENSES - 21.10.2020

The tax-free benefits of business travel

Handling your employees’ travel expenses claims is time consuming and the tax and NI requirements can be tricky. The good news is that the process can be simplified by paying flat rate tax-exempt allowances. What are they?
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IR35 - 19.10.2020

HMRC updates IR35 guidance ready for 2021

IR35 changes recap. From 6 April 2021 if your business is medium-sized or large and uses the services of a person who provides them through an intermediary, e.g. a company or partnership, you (and not the worker) must decide whether the IR35 rules apply. HMRC has made changes to the guidance in its Employment Status Manual (see The next step ) to help businesses that may be affected by the new rules, whether as a supplier or recipient of services. These include: ...
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Are you too late to claim an NI refund?

For some years you’ve simultaneously been an employee or director of a few companies. You’ve paid NI contributions on your earnings from each and you think you might have paid too much. Are you too late to claim a refund?
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PAYE - 19.10.2020

When should you account for PAYE on your salary or bonus?

After reducing your salary because of poor cash flow over the summer months the plan is to top up your pay with a bonus. It won’t be paid until after the end of the company’s current financial year, but when must you account for the PAYE?
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Off-payroll working, here we go again

One of the casualties of COVID-19 was the government’s plan to roll out the off-payroll working reforms to the private sector, but it was merely a delay to April 2021. So what do you need to know and how should you prepare?
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STUDENT LOANS - 15.10.2020

Another student loan plan type

From April 2021 Plan 4 student loans will be introduced affecting 500,000 Scottish borrowers who will see the loan earnings threshold rise to £25,000. What do you need to do now to prepare for their introduction?
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Tax - Employment taxes

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New NI break for employers

NI holiday. Following up on an election promise the government has proposed that from 6 April 2021 employers who take on former members of the armed forces will not have to pay employers’ NI contributions on their wages for twelve months. For example, this would save an employer around £2,250 based on an annual salary of £25,000. The exemption will be limited to the NI upper earnings threshold, currently £50,000 per year. Normal NI rates would apply to pay in excess of that. ...
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Government to introduce NI exemption

It was a manifesto commitment in the 2019 General Election that the government would support former service personnel into employment. This will be done through the introduction of an NI contribution holiday for those organisations who employ a veteran in their first year after leaving the armed forces. This will be introduced from April 2021, but as HMRC is unable to amend its systems for the first year of the exemption, employers will have to reclaim the NI after the end of the tax year. It’s likely that a new NI table letter will be introduced in April 2022 to automate the system. ...
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Employment allowance trouble

Problems with HMRC’s NI system are impacting employers who are receiving incorrect demands. What’s the issue and how should you respond if you receive a bill from HMRC?
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