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COMPLIANCE - 07.07.2020

What is a reasonable excuse?

HMRC has updated its guidance on what it will accept as a reasonable excuse for late filing or payment resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. What does the guidance say and how much latitude does it give you?
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PENSIONS - 07.07.2020

Pensions auto re-enrolment duties

Many small employers who auto-enrolled staff into a workplace pension for the first time in 2017 are now facing auto re-enrolment. What do you need to know to ensure a pain-free process?
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Tax return following a delayed start to business

You formed a company in March with the intention of beginning trade immediately. However, this was delayed because of coronavirus. Do you need to notify HMRC and what effect will the delay have on the company’s tax returns?
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There’s more than coronavirus

HMRC’s June Employer Bulletin has provided a welcome respite from the endless coronavirus news. What key matters does it cover?
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HMRC COMPLIANCE - 25.06.2020

Can HMRC demand security from clients?

One of your clients has been struggling with cash flow and has had issues paying their PAYE liabilities on time. Reeling from the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, HMRC is now demanding a security payment. What does this mean for your client?
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Helping clients to maximise cash flow

Coronavirus has led to an increased need for cash in hand. The government has deferred the second payment on account due in July 2020, but should self-employed clients automatically do this, and what other options should you be looking at?
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Tax - Returns, forms & HMRC admin

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CORONAVIRUS - HMRC - 28.05.2020

HMRC’s approach to deadlines clarified

Too late? Deadlines are a key part of the tax system and there’s often a financial penalty for lateness. However, the rules allow some leeway if you have a “reasonable excuse” for missing a deadline for payment or submitting a document. With this in mind HMRC has issued guidance on when it will accept coronavirus as a reasonable excuse. When submitting an appeal for a late penalty you need to explain how the virus prevented you from meeting the deadline (see The next step ). ...
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TAX PAYMENTS - 22.06.2020

HMRC to collect some tax debts sooner

Although HMRC is taking steps to help those who can’t afford to pay their bills, it’s changed its system to collect some tax sooner. What’s the full story?
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Selling your company - break it up to save tax

You’ve found a buyer for your business. They don’t want to buy the company itself, only its assets. You’ve been told that this can increase the tax you’ll have to pay on the sale. How can you make the arrangement more tax efficient?
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