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New companies - how soon can a director be paid?

You’ve formed a company and are in the process of getting it up and running. As it hasn’t generated any income yet can it pay you a salary, and if it does will it be entitled to tax relief for it?
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SELF-ASSESSMENT - 29.11.2023

December deadline for tax returns

Apart from the well-known 31 October and 31 January deadlines for self-assessment returns, there’s one in December too. What is it and why might it matter to you?
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TAX CASES - 23.11.2023

Are social media messages evidence?

Monks v HMRC. HMRC opened an enquiry into Mr Monk’s (M) 2019/20 tax return. It sent notice of the enquiry on 27 January 2022 including a schedule of information required. M said that HMRC was out of time to open the enquiry, as he had not received the first notice until 1 February 2022, which was evidenced by WhatsApp screenshots. ...
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TAX CLAIMS - 14.11.2023

Tax reliefs and deductions - know your (time) limits!

Strict time limits apply to claims by individuals and businesses for tax deductions and reliefs. What are the key dates you need to know to ensure you don’t lose your entitlement to them?
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VAT - 31.10.2023

When VAT demands seem too high

HMRC has just been examining the business’s records and on the back of this you have received a VAT assessment. The amount that’s being demanded seems unrealistically high. Is there anything you can do about it?
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PAYROLL - 26.10.2023

HMRC payroll reporting for Christmas

Seasonal guidance. HMRC’s recent guidance to employers includes a reminder about its concession for real time reporting requirements of payroll over the Christmas period. The guidance concerns the timing of payroll reporting where employers pay their workers earlier than their normal pay date. HMRC says employers need not submit their full payment submission (FPS) until the date they would have been required to had they paid their workers as usual. ...
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Tax - Returns, forms & HMRC admin

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SELF-ASSESSMENT - 03.10.2023

HMRC tips for prompt tax refunds

HMRC has published new guidance about why refunds are sometimes not issued, and if they aren’t how you can speed up the process. What’s the full story?
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PAYROLL - 18.09.2023

HMRC’s warning over payroll errors

HMRC says that some employers are incorrectly processing workplace pension contributions. Why is this a big problem and how can you correct it?
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PAYROLL - 03.10.2023

HMRC to reduce red tape on salary advances

Advance cash. If you’re asked by an employee for an advance on their salary, it’s up to you whether to allow it or not. One disincentive to agreeing is that it creates extra work for your payroll manager. They can’t simply keep a note of the advance payment and reclaim it from the employee’s next pay cheque. For PAYE tax and NI purposes they must process the advance as normal salary and notify HMRC using a full payment summary. This may soon change. ...
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