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Making Tax Digital: what’s coming next?

Over the summer of 2020 the UK government finally committed to the next step of the Making Tax Digital (MTD) rollout. There is a lot of information to communicate to clients. What are the key points?
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TAX ENQUIRY - 19.10.2020

Too late to start a tax enquiry?

Our subscriber recently received a letter from HMRC saying that it’s started an enquiry into his 2018/19 tax return. A friend has told him that HMRC has missed the deadline for making enquiries. How should he respond to HMRC?
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CORONAVIRUS - 19.10.2020

Chancellor extends payment deadlines

As the financial fallout from coronavirus continues, the Chancellor has made further concessions to help VAT-registered businesses and individuals who pay self-assessment tax. What’s the full story?
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IR35 - 19.10.2020

HMRC updates IR35 guidance ready for 2021

IR35 changes recap. From 6 April 2021 if your business is medium-sized or large and uses the services of a person who provides them through an intermediary, e.g. a company or partnership, you (and not the worker) must decide whether the IR35 rules apply. HMRC has made changes to the guidance in its Employment Status Manual (see The next step ) to help businesses that may be affected by the new rules, whether as a supplier or recipient of services. These include: ...
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PAYE - 19.10.2020

When should you account for PAYE on your salary or bonus?

After reducing your salary because of poor cash flow over the summer months the plan is to top up your pay with a bonus. It won’t be paid until after the end of the company’s current financial year, but when must you account for the PAYE?
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VAT - 08.10.2020

Pre-credibility checks

Over the past few months we have seen letters from HMRC across all taxes that ongoing enquiries will be suspended during the coronavirus pandemic. Having done a little digging, it appears that HMRC has deployed additional resources into conducting pre-credibility checks, namely from teams that would normally be conducting general compliance checks....
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Small business incorporation - minimising tax without BADR

Your business is growing steadily and your accountant has advised you transfer it to a company to save income tax. For maximum tax efficiency should you do this immediately or delay?
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PAYMENTS - 08.09.2020

You’ve deferred your tax - what next?

You took advantage of HMRC’s tax deferral schemes for VAT and income tax self- assessment because of coronavirus. What options are there to pay and when is best to do it?
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PENALTIES - 08.09.2020

Tax declaration deadline approaching

Last year HMRC removed you from the self-assessment (SA) system even though you have tax to pay in January. Can you now safely assume HMRC will tell you if you owe more tax?
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