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SOFTWARE - CHROME - 09.12.2019

Which apps for your Chromebook?

A Chromebook laptop can be bought for a few hundred pounds. Which apps are worth installing on it?
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WEB SERVICES - TRAVEL - 09.12.2019

What to pack for a (business) trip?

Are you going on a business trip, or will you be leaving for a skiing holiday or a city trip shortly? Travels’ Checklist ( ) makes sure you don’t forget anything, via an interactive web module. Just say who will be travelling (man or woman), where, what the expected weather is, where you will be staying, which activities you have planned and whether or not it will be a long trip. Based on this input, Travels’ Checklist will generate a printable packing list, plus travel tips, destination information, documents, money and tickets and things to do before your trip. Handy! ...
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Test your mental health

In addition to physical health, mental wellbeing is equally important. Early detection of possible psychological problems is essential in order to be able to treat them properly. Of course, a confidential advisor or a GP remains the contact person par excellence, but still, online tests can give an initial, and potentially valuable, indication. ...
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LEISURE - BOOKS - 22.11.2019

How do you find good books?

Are you an avid reader? How can websites and apps help you to find books that you will (probably) enjoy reading?
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LEISURE - BOOKS - 07.11.2019

Books to Borrow: reading in your browser

Are you looking for free digital reading material to read on your tablet, laptop or computer? Be sure to visit the eBooks and Texts department of Internet Archive ( ), which collects more than 21 million downloadable books and texts. ...
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Netflix utilities for your laptop

Netflix boasts more than 150 million subscribers worldwide. If you have an account do you often watch series or films on your laptop? We looked for some browser add-ons that enhance your viewing experience.
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