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E-MAIL - E-MAIL ADDRESS - 09.12.2019

Change your e-mail address

A new job, a new Internet Provider, an e-mail address from your teenage years that now looks ridiculous... situations where a new e-mail address is advisable. How do you best tackle the problems that such a change may entail?
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E-MAIL - E-MAIL USE - 22.11.2019

E-mail tracking: do or don’t?

There are various tools that allow you to find out what happens to your e-mail messages. If you’re interested in such a tool yourself or you want to prevent others from tracking you, here are our tips.
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E-MAIL - E-MAIL USE - 07.11.2019

Compose e-mails faster with templates

Do you often have to send (almost) the same message? If you use templates, you won’t have to type the same text time and time again. How does this work in practice?
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E-MAIL - E-MAIL SOFTWARE - 28.10.2019

Make smarter use of the ribbon in Outlook

Outlook’s large menu bar looks a bit messy at first sight. Perhaps you would like to clean it up a bit? Here’s how you can simplify and customise the Outlook ribbon.
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