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HOMEWORKING - 04.06.2020

The right way to equip your workers with IT

You’re equipping more of your staff with laptops so they can work from home without having to rely on their own computers. What should you be telling your employees about protecting the machines and the money you have tied up in them?
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Are the new iPhones worth the money?

In a yearly tradition, several new iPhones have been recently released. Is buying a new iPhone worthwhile, or are you better off with an older model? We’ve looked at the features and prices of the different models.
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iMessage: not just on your iPhone

You’re familiar with iMessage as Apple’s proprietary messaging system for your iPhone - you can recognise it by the blue text in your Messages app. But did you know that you can also receive and send iMessages on other devices? Mac. In the Applications folder on your Mac computer or laptop, you will find a similar Messages application. It allows you to log in with the same Apple ID as on your iPhone via Preferences ; Accounts . After logging in you will be able to receive and send your iMessages from both devices. ...
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Your smartphone is your memory

As a businessperson or entrepreneur you will have a thousand things to remember. Your smartphone, which you always have on you, helps you to gather all the information and to remind you of everything.
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SOFTWARE - TABLET - 07.11.2019

More productive with iPadOS?

Apple’s smartphones and tablets used to run the same iOS, but now iOS 13 for the iPhone has been complemented by a separate iPadOS 13 for the iPad. Does it increase the productivity of the device?
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COMPUTER - HARDWARE - 07.11.2019

Which compact laptop is best for you?

Compact laptops or subnotebooks are still very popular products. Apple, Dell and Microsoft all offer good product ranges. So which device should you choose?
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