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SOFTWARE - CHROME - 09.12.2019

Which apps for your Chromebook?

A Chromebook laptop can be bought for a few hundred pounds. Which apps are worth installing on it?
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The return of the PowerToys!

Do you remember Microsoft’s handy PowerToys that added various useful features to Windows 95 and XP? Here come the PowerToys for Windows 10! Are they equally useful?
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SOFTWARE - WIDGET14|120 - 09.12.2019

Batteries widget for your Apple devices

Do you use different Apple devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, MacBook and/or iMac? The Batteries Widget for Mac ( - €3.35 or £3.80 after 14 days of free testing) allows you to check the battery status of all those devices on your computer or laptop, on condition they are equipped with macOS Mojave. You will also receive an alert as soon as you have to recharge them. Note. The different devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and Apple Watch is not supported. ...
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SOFTWARE - OFFICE - 09.12.2019

Customise Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office makes it easy for its users to adapt its applications so that they can use them even more efficiently. How do you do this exactly, and which are some useful elements to customise?
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SOFTWARE - WINDOWS - 09.12.2019

Windows updates

Windows 10 normally keeps itself up to date automatically, and that’s a good thing. But what do you do if the update process fails or if you want to postpone updates until you are sure that they won’t cause any problems?
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SOFTWARE - BROWSER - 22.11.2019

Chrome and Firefox revamped… again

The Chrome and Firefox browsers both got a new release recently. What useful novelties can you expect, and is it worthwhile upgrading yet again to a new version?
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