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WEB SERVICES - TRAVEL - 09.12.2019

What to pack for a (business) trip?

Are you going on a business trip, or will you be leaving for a skiing holiday or a city trip shortly? Travels’ Checklist ( ) makes sure you don’t forget anything, via an interactive web module. Just say who will be travelling (man or woman), where, what the expected weather is, where you will be staying, which activities you have planned and whether or not it will be a long trip. Based on this input, Travels’ Checklist will generate a printable packing list, plus travel tips, destination information, documents, money and tickets and things to do before your trip. Handy! ...
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Citymapper shows the best route

We previously reviewed various useful public transport apps, such as Moovit ( ), Rome2Rio ( ) and MetrO ( ). A relative newcomer is Citymapper ( - for iOS, Android and web). This tool helps you to choose the best route in big cities - by public transport, walking or cycling. The app takes into account current delays. Tip.  Alternative taxi services such as Uber (if available) are also included in the overview, as well as bicycle sharing. The number of cities covered is currently limited to 40 (see - for the UK: London, Birmingham and Manchester), but the offer is gradually being expanded. ...
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