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Can my new salon avoid being VAT registered?

Q. My company is VAT registered because we own seven hairdressing salons in various city centre locations. I would like to open another salon in a village, which will be smaller than our existing salons, with anticipated annual sales of £75,000. Is there a way of forming a separate entity for this salon so that it does not need to pay VAT on its takings because totals sales are less than the annual £85,000 registration threshold? ...
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Changing business model: a chance to deregister?

You are the treasurer of a local sports club, which is VAT registered. Annual taxable sales are £100,000 and VAT is a big overhead of the club. Why could changing the club’s business structure mean you could deregister and save money?
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VAT CASES - 28.11.2019

Business splitting was effective

The case. The taxpayer (H) ran a café as a sole trader, with annual sales below the VAT registration limit. His wife (W) ran a restaurant on the same premises, also as a sole trader with sales below the registration limit. HMRC claimed that H owned both businesses, with a combined turnover that exceeded the threshold between 2009 and 2016. ...
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VAT - 30.10.2019

Separating from your spouse (for VAT purposes)

You and your spouse run separate businesses, each trading below the VAT registration limit. The trouble is HMRC can argue that the businesses should be treated as one. What did a recent First-tier Tribunal have to say about this?
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