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VAT RETURNS - 30.11.2023

Change to VAT processing policy

If you submit a return late, HMRC could take longer to process it in the future, meaning an estimated debt will be held on file for longer. What does this mean for your business?
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How to reclaim VAT on late-posted purchase invoices?

You’ve discovered that a bundle of purchase invoices were omitted from your last VAT return, with total input tax unclaimed of nearly £20,000. What issues must you consider to solve this problem?
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How does the annual adjustment work?

Your business is partially exempt and uses the standard method to work out how much input tax to claim each quarter. However, you have not carried out any annual adjustment calculations for the last three years. What action should you take to correct this problem?
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INPUT TAX - 30.11.2023

How much VAT can you claim on mixed use assets?

Your business is buying two assets, a yacht and a motorbike, which will both have business and private use because they will be available to staff and directors for leisure trips. How much input tax can you claim on these purchases?
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VAT CASES - 30.11.2023

Was website host acting as agent or principal?

The case. All Answers Ltd (A) lost separate cases in 2018 and 2020 about whether it was supplying completed essays and written coursework online to students, rather than the self-employed writers who produced the work. Both decisions confirmed that A was supplying the essays. The latest appeal focused on a revised contract between A and the writers which, the director claimed, changed both the legal relationship and commercial reality of the deal. HMRC disagreed. ...
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VAT CASES - 30.11.2023

Was HMRC correct to disallow input tax on loss-making projects?

The case. Heartlands House Ltd (H) submitted a repayment return for £28,221 for its September 2019 period but HMRC disallowed most input tax on the basis that there was no link between the expenditure incurred and a taxable source of income. About 70% of the input tax disallowed by HMRC related to a supplier Caihma Construction Ltd (C), which was dissolved in September 2019, having never submitted either construction industry scheme or VAT returns to HMRC. The officer claimed that H had failed to provide evidence of making taxable supplies during this period. ...
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VAT - Returns, forms & HMRC admin

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VAT - 05.09.2023

Can you legitimately dodge registration?

Because of exceptional circumstances your business turnover has exceeded the VAT registration limit. You’re sure that this won’t be repeated. Must you register and wait to deregister when your turnover falls or is there an alternative?
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VAT - 14.11.2023

Go electronic with your invoices

Your business recently switched to electronic invoicing. There were a few teething problems but it’s now working well. However, some customers are asking for paper invoices and getting pushy about it. Must you comply with their requests?
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How much input tax to claim on mileage payments to staff?

You pay a mileage rate to staff who use their private cars for business trips. How much input tax can you claim on these payments and what records must your employees submit with their expenses claim?
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